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Hall Powered Instruments Product Catalog
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Powered Instruments

The CONMED Power products catalogs include an extensive line of consoles, handpieces and attachments, featuring both ® and Hall® Surgical brand products. Click on the links below for more information on each product.


Batteries and Accessories

Electric Consoles and Accessories

Pneumatic Regulators, Hoses and Accessories

MPower®2 Large Bone and Small Bone Orthopedics

MPower Large Bone and Small Bone Orthopedics

PowerPro® Max Large Bone Orthopedics

PowerPro and PowerPro Electric II Large Bone and Small Bone Orthopedics

PowerPro Pneumatic Large Bone and Small Bone Orthopedics

MPower, PowerPro® Max, PowerPro Electric II, and PowerPro Pneumatic Attachments

MicroPower and Micro100 Attachments and Bur Guards

MicroPower Small Bone

Micro100 Small Bone

E9000® System ENT, Spine and Neuro

Ultrapower® Spine and Neuro

Ototome and Osteon ENT

Sternum Saws

Cebotome® Large Bone Revision Surgery

StapIlizer® Small Bone Fixation System

Miscellaneous Accessories

Kit Listings


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